About Us

    Rosie’s cafe is the realisation of our dream. We are My and Thuy, two local girls who have been close friends for over ten years. Along the way we developed a mutual passion for coffee shops, and decided to embark on a new adventure to serve up a little something of our own.
    We are happy to have you here at Rosie’s cafe, and hope you enjoy not only the food and drink, but also find a little time to relax, sit back with some good company and enjoy the atmosphere of our little refuge in Hoi An’s old quarter.

Who Is Rosie?

    Rosie’s cafe is named in honour of Rosie Dunne, the main character in one of our favourite films: Love, Rosie. Rosie’s story taught us to maintain hope that you will end up where you are supposed to be, no matter how long it takes.


+84 905.312.433
+84 774.599.545


Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm
Saturday 8am to 3pm. Closed on Sundays

© 2019 Rosie

© 2019 Rosie